Milo's Museum

With the opening of the African American Museum of History & Culture, young readers can be inspired to create their own museum just like Milo.

Title: Milo’s Museum
Author:  Zetta Elliott
Illustrations: Purple Wong & Seasy Suryani
Publisher:  Rosetta Press
ISBN:  9781537580968


Milo was excited because her class was visiting a museum today and her grandfather would be going with her. She learned that a museum guide was called a docent. Milo saw art and learned that museums hold objects that are important and valuable from history. When her aunt Vashti stopped by Milo asked why the people don’t have a say in what goes into the museum. Aunt Vashti explained that the curator decides. But visitors that go to a favorite exhibit, in a way, cast a vote. She also explained that Milo could write a letter to the curator. After some thought and the creation of a list, Milo decided to set up her own museum. What items do you think she placed in her playhouse which would be her new museum?

Author Zetta Elliott was inspired to write this charming story of family and history after the opening of the Smithsonian National Museum of African History and Culture in Washington D.C. Colorful illustrations bring to life the character’s world. Parents and teachers can use this guide and the activity found in the back of the book to help readers discover their family history and create their own museum. Readers can also learn more about Zetta on the back pages.