The March Against Fear

The March Against Fear is the last great wal of the Civil Rights Movement and Emergence of Black Power.

Title:  The March Against Fear
Author: Ann Bausum
Publisher: National Geographic
ISBN:  9781426326653


“James Meredith was already famous before he got shot on June 6, 1966. Indeed, his fame probably made him a target for attack and his fame certainly accounted for why his shooting made the national news. Otherwise he would have been just the latest overlooked victim of white-on-black violence in a state where whites had used violence – and fear of violence – to secure their supremacy since the era of slavery.”

James H. Meredith was born in 1933. After the integration of Mississippi, he developed a reputation of being a quirky loner within the civil rights movement. He knew early on that his destiny was to serve as a leader for the oppressed members of his race. He was tired of being afraid of white people and decided to walk from Memphis Tennessee to Jackson Mississippi. This 220-mile journey, wasn’t going to be a protest in Meredith’s eyes but as something ordinary that anyone could do. He set out on his event on June 5, 1966. Once the announcement was released black people from across the country began crossing in Meredith’s name.

Author Ann Bausum is sharing a historic story about one of the greatest protests during the civil rights movement. Black and white photos of marches and the story of a man who no longer wanted to be afraid make this piece of history worth sharing. Although some of the details may be disturbing this true account is worth the read. The back of the book has the Author’s Note which gives readers more insight about why this story needed to be told. Parents and teachers can use this as a guide to open dialogue regarding racial issues of the present day.

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