Book Themes #1: Books About Reading Books

One of the many cool things about picture books is that they can be themed based. What I mean by themed is, picture books can feature themes referencing dragons, toys, holidays, princesses, pirates and so much more. How can themed books help parents and kids?

Having a reading day with a theme is great for rainy days, snowy days or even sunny days. Any day is a great time for picking up a book and reading. Having a theme is fun for kids. If your child is obsessed with fairies, more than likely your local librarian can help you find all the picture books featuring fairies. If your child is obsessed with trucks, again your local librarian can help you find books featuring trucks.

If you want to have even more fun with themed books, you can have the kids pick their own themes. Write them down and put them in a decorative canister or shoebox. Each day or week have them randomly pick. This will be fun and a surprise each time they choose. I’ve included some links for craft ideas for your themes safe keeping.

This week I'm sharing a theme featuring picture books about reading books. These books can engage young readers to discover wacky characters who love books and reading. As always, happy reading!