Frog Goes...A Barnyard Prank

There are some pranksters in the barnyard and Frog is the target.  

Title: Frog Goes…
Author:  Traci Osborn
Illustrations:  Traci Osborn
Publisher:  Flint Hills Publishing
ISBN:  9781534718883


If kids aren’t sure what sounds barnyard animals are supposed to make, this hilarious tale just may cause a bit more confusion.

Frog decides to relocate and live amongst the barn animals. They recognize that he is a frog and the sound frogs make. What Frog doesn’t know is that these frisky animals have devised a prank and poor little frog is the target. When Frog arrives they, all take turns making animal sounds they shouldn’t. Cow quacks like a duck and duck neighs like a horse and so on. But, one little buzzing bug is on to these barnyard jokester’s but will Frog be the wiser have a prank of his own?

Author Traci Osborn has created a fun story with big bold illustrations that kids will love. Parents and teachers can use this as a tool to introduce young readers to barn animals and the real sounds they make. Simple sentence structure makes this book a great read for beginners.