Passover Scavenger Hunt

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Title:  Passover Scavenger Hunt
Author:   Shanna Silva
Illustrations:  Miki Sakamoto
Publisher:  Kar-Ben Publishing
ISBN:  9781467794220


What is Passover? Passover is a week-long holiday celebrated in the spring to remember the biblical exodus from Egyptian slavery. Families enjoy a festive meal of prayers called Seder, and share readings, songs and eat symbolic foods.

One family is celebrating Passover. Usually, Uncle Harry hides the afikomen. This year Rachel wants to help. She creates puzzle pieces and riddles with clues. Her brothers have fun reading and searching. Once the search is done they wonder where the afikomen is. Where do you think, it could be?

Young readers will enjoy this light-hearted story of Jewish culture. Fun and colorful illustrations help readers to understand the holiday of Passover. Easy to read sentences are perfect for beginner readers. Parents and teachers can share this tool to educate young readers and help them embrace family traditions.