Animal Planet: Animal Bites Animals on the Move

Animals are very similar to people. They eat, play, run, swim and even build their homes. But what else do animals who are on the move do?

This book will be donated to a child in need at Avenue of Life.

Title: Animal Bites - Animals on the Move
Author:  Dorothea DePrisco
Publisher:  Time Inc. Books
ISBN:  9781618931792

Animals move in many different ways. Some swim, others fly, run or slither. This cool guide has fantastic photos that show many vibrant animals on the move. Animals that hang, glide or climb are the chameleon, cats, eagles and red howler monkeys. The basilisk lizard can run on top of the water. Jellyfish have their own kind of jet propulsion.

Animals on the move can build fantastic homes wherever they go. Bees and wasps build homes high in the trees. Termites build tall high-rises out of soil and spit. Mice build nests in barns. This cool color-coded guide makes learning about animal’s fun. Colorful photos and interesting fun facts will keep young readers engaged. The back of the book has activities, a glossary and resources for more educational learning. This guide to animals on the move is a must have for any home or classroom.