Animal Planet Animal Bites Series: Baby Animals

Animal Planet is introducing young readers and kids who really love baby animals to a new series. Animal Bites shares with young readers the natural world that animals grow and thrive in.

This book will be donated to a child at Avenue of Life.

Title: Animal Bites – Baby Animals
Author:  Dorothea DePrisco
Publisher:  Time Life Books
ISBN:  97816189317888


Baby animals are amazing and your little ones will agree. Young readers will see how baby animals grow, where they live and what they do in their habitats.
A baby spotted owlet can fly 6 weeks after it’s born. Ducks, butterflies and praying mantis break free from eggs and cocoons. Chinchilla’s, goats, rabbits and squirrels make great cuddle companions. When the first crocodile hatches, it calls out to its siblings.

Animal Planet’s Baby Animals are in full color. These amazing photos will engage young readers. Color coded pages are a great quick reference for learning fun facts about what animals eat, their names and what types of animals they are. A glossary in the back of the book is a handy tool for this guide.