Book Themes #3: Inventors

Welcome to the world of inventors!!

What’s that? Who made it? How does it work? Might be a question your kids ask you often. As a parent, I know firsthand that sometimes I’ll have an answer but most times I didn’t. One thing that I found to be a lot of fun was for me and my son to find the answers together. We’d go to the public library and figure things out. Today, the internet offers a lot of answers to a lot of questions, but in my opinion there’s nothing better than researching for yourself at the library or bookstore.

People are creating and inventing things every day. I’m sure the patent office is overwhelmed. But kids don’t want to necessarily know about the back-office workings of the patent office. What they want to know is who was or is the inventor and why did they feel the need to create and build that particular thing.

Themed books featuring famous and maybe not so famous inventors is a great idea for the kid who likes to tinker. Inventions we know and love and use every day have been created by men, women and even children. I hope that you enjoy these links and books suggestions for your kids.

Biography Online - 40 Famous Inventors
Black Inventors – Famous Black Inventors
Women Inventors – Famous Women Inventors
United States Patent and Trade Office – Hispanic Inventors
Great Business Schools – Kid Inventions

Help your kids explore, imagine and read their world. Happy Reading!