National Geographic Kids: Animal Ark

Celebrating our wild world in poetry and pictures.

Title:  Animal Ark
Author: Kwame Alexander
Photography: Joel Sartore
Publisher: National Geographic
ISBN:  9781426327674


The world is full of wonder. Animals and humans alike are what makes this world so very special. But if we are not careful we could see our world, their world slip away right before our eyes. This colorful guide with extraordinary pictures of animals from the earth, sky and sea are depicted in a way that pleads to us to be sure to take care of them and help them survive.

“Our actions matter. They reach to the smallest of us. And the biggest. Remember, we are part of forever. Zipping and zooming and diving and dashing from place to space. Angels with fins and iridescent armies on the move. Blending for protection Blending with the moon. Nature is genius. This is our home. Listen. We are unique. We share a story. A beginning, a middle and if we are not careful…and end.”
Kwame Alexander

The words and photos will move you.  Each animal, insect, and fish depicted seemingly pleads to the reader to notice them and hear them ask for our help for their very survival. A sea urchin photo has words across the page “a thousand silent waving arms grab hold of us!” A photo of a bat has words in bright yellow that read “wings like a cape, ready for flight into the sweet, dark night.” Colorful butterflies, a monkey, leopard, and tiny octopus are also found here. Parents and teachers along with young readers will be inspired by all of these wonderful creatures and exhilarating photography. The back pages have a note from the photographer and the writer. There is even a definition of what a Haiku is which is what readers will be enjoying throughout this book. A colorful guide is also here providing readers with the types of animals shared.

Courtesy of Media Masters Publicity