The Art Lesson: A Shavuot Story

If you have a young reader who is an art lover this story is just for them.

Author:   Allison & Wayne Marks
Illustrations:  Annie Wilkinson
Publisher:  Kar-Ben Publishing
ISBN:  9781467781732

Shoshana loved to paint. She would do this with Grandma Jacobs whom she fondly referred to as Grandma J. Her Grandma had an art studio. Shoshana explored and discovered sprouting paint brushes, colorful masks, easels canvases and oil paints. Their shared project for the day was to make a cut paper art to celebrate Shavuot, which is the spring harvest. Shoshana’s paper cut outs weren’t as good as Grandma J’s. But her Grandma asked her to look a little closer and what do you think Shoshana discovered?

Authors Allison and Wayne Marks share an artful tale and teach young readers about Shavuot and Jewish Culture. Shavuot is when Jewish people celebrate receiving the Ten Commandments. Colorful illustrations are creative and artistic. Simple sentences are easy for beginner readers. The back of the book has a Star of David Papercut activity and a note about Shavuot. Readers will also learn about some very interesting artists. Parents and teachers can share this story with children to educate them about Jewish history and culture.