On Duck Pond

Title:  On Duck Pond
Author: Jane Yolen
Publisher: Bob Marstall
ISBN:  9781943645220


A boy and his dog go for a walk by Duck Pond. It was quiet and still. There was a frog on a pad and tadpoles swimming. Suddenly, a quack of ducks splashed down and created a raucous. The frog fell from his pad and the tadpoles swam away.

Down they splashed. The water spattered.
They chittered, whistled, chattered.
Old Duck Pond, once still and quiet, now
Seemed battered by the riot.

What do you think will happen when the ducks fly away?

This simplistic story by Jane Yolen is quaint and easy to read. Colorful illustrations depict the quiet and still of this tale. The back pages of the book are host to activities for readers. Kids can learn about the habitat of the pond and the types of birds that can be found by a pond, along with other types of animals. Parents and teachers can engage children in a conversation about ponds where they live.

Courtesy of Media Masters Publicity