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The Girl Who Rode The Wind
Stacy Gregg
BIBLIO: 2016, Harper Collins, Ages 12 to 18, $6.99.
FORMAT: Young Adult
ISBN: 9780008189235

Lola Campione loved horses. Her dad, Ray was a jockey until he had to stop before it killed him. He owned a stable called Champion Racing where he trained horses. Before school Lola went to the Aqueduct to clean stalls to earn money. She would sneak and ride the horses at their stable because she wanted to become a jockey like her dad. After a fight at school with a bully Lola is suspended, which only had three more weeks. Her father was upset because she was so smart and he didn’t want her to become a jockey, instead he wanted her to become a doctor or lawyer. After a big win at the race track, Lola and her grandmother Nonna took a trip to Italy where she grew up. They stayed in a village. Lola loved it when Nonna told her the story of how she survived when she first arrived in New York. And now Lola would learn about Nonna’s childhood, the Palio race and how she got her nickname “Daredevil.” Lola wanted to race in the Palio, but there is a family secret that has shamed their name. Can Lola overcome her families past and race the great race?

Author Stacy Gregg is known for writing stories involving horses. Young readers will enjoy the adventures and self-discovery of these characters. This fast-paced read is simple yet engaging. Parents and teachers will approve and suggest this read for any horse enthusiast.


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