Wonderful You

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Title: Wonderful You: An Adoption Story
Author:  Lauren McLaughlin
Illustrations:  Meilo So
Publisher:  Random House
ISBN:  9780553510010


A lady in blue has a baby bump. She needs to find a perfect home for the little one very soon. The blue lady looked everywhere for the perfect couple. When she finally found the perfect home, the couple had been preparing and waiting for her arrival. The couple had plenty of love, a wonderful room and a soft teddy bear. When the blue lady delivered a little girl, she watched over her and the couple took excellent care of her.

Author Lauren McLaughlin has created a gentle story that is perfect for a family who has adopted a child and even one who hasn’t. Most parents who are welcoming a child probably do all of the things the characters did in the story. Readers will enjoy the bright painted illustrations and the gentle rhyme.