Yossi And The Monkeys

Yossi and the Monkeys is a cheerful Shavout story.

Title:  Yossi and the Monkeys
Author:   Jennifer Tzivia Macleod
Illustrations:  Shirley Watsman
Publisher:  Kar-Ben Publishing
ISBN:  9781467789325

Yossi needed money for Shavout. His family always ate braided challahs and blintzes with cheese. He went to market to sell Kipphas his wife made. A monkey stole his Kippahs and juggled with them. People saw the monkey and wanted to buy the Kipphas. Yossi named the monkey Zelig and they became friends. Soon Yossi had enough money to buy food and flowers for his wife. After a two-day rain Yossi looked for Zelig and discovered he had been with the circus. Would Yossi ever see Zelig again?

Author Jennifer Tzivia MacLeod has created a fun story sharing the Jewish holiday of Shavout. Lively illustrations are hilarious and full of color. Simple sentences make this story an excellent read for any beginner. Parents and teachers can start a discussion about Jewish culture.