You Can Be A Paleontologist!

Learning about the past can be a lot of fun. Kids will enjoy learning how to become a paleontologist from an expert, Dr. Scott.

Title:  You Can Be A Paleontologist!
Author: Scott D. Sampson, Ph.D.
Publisher: National Geographic Kids
ISBN:  9781426327285


It’s great that kids can learn about paleontology but what the heck is it? If young readers wanted to become a paleontologist then they will need to love learning about fossils, plant remains and animals that lived a long, long time ago. Many fossils are found in the badlands in Utah. There are some basic tools you will need like Awls, Rock Hammer and Brushes. When fossils get to the lab it’s like piecing together a puzzle.

Dr. Scott is sharing so much information about what it takes to become a paleontologist. Young readers, teachers and parents will benefit from this guide filled with awesome photos and color illustrations to help kids understand the animals and plants that existed long ago. Fun facts can also be found throughout the pages in large purple bubbles. The back pages have a glossary explaining all of the terminology which is a great reference.

Courtesy of Media Masters Publicity