100 Things To Be When You Grow Up

This guide will help anyone decide what kind of job they would want when they grow up. You might be surprised as to what you find inside.

Title:  100 Things To Be When You Grow Up
Author: Lisa M. Gerry
Publisher: National Geographic Kids
ISBN:  9781426327117


There are so many things you can be when you grow up. But did you know some of the weirdest careers could be the most fun? If you lived in Japan you might want to be a Professional Pusher. Their job is to push you into the train or subway if you get caught in the doors. You could be a party planner, professional groomer or radio show host. If you wanted to be a Perfumer you would have to have a great sense of smell. If you wanted to make shoes just for horses you would be called a Farrier. If you wanted to become a cranberry farmer you might have to get your feet wet.

This informational guide to readers has some very cool, weird and even scary jobs inside. Detail descriptions and fun facts along with real life photos will give insight on what it would take to be in that particular job. The back pages are host to a career list and even more resources. Parents and teachers may view this and get ideas for a change of career themselves.

Courtesy of Media Masters Publicity