Beauty And The Beak

Title:  Beauty and the Beak
Author: Deborah Lee Rose and Jane Veltkamp
Publisher: Persnickety Press
ISBN:  9781943978281


Can a 3-D printer save an eagles life? Well of course it can. Readers will delight in this story that follows a female eagle. The Bald eagle is a magnificent bird. This year, 2017, marks the 10th anniversary of this species being removed from the Endangered Threatened Species list.

Readers will follow the story of Beauty. Fantastic photos invite readers to see her soar and share her life’s journey from the time she hatched until the moment her life tragically changed. These magnificent photos capture Beauty encountered in battles with other eagles over territory, how she caught fish for food and even what she looked like after being shot. Beauty’s beak was shattered after a gunshot wound from a hunter. Found by a police officer, she was taken to Janie, a raptor biologist. After some help from a few dentist friends, Beauty had a new 3-D printer beak.

Parents and teachers can engage kids with dialogue surrounding eagles, endangered species and science. This true story will inspire students to learn more about helping the environment and endangered species.

Courtesy of Media Masters Publicity