Big Book of Why

Kids can have fun and learn at the same time with this cool activity guide.

Title: Big Book of Why
Author:  Cari Jackson
Publisher:  Time Inc. Books (Time for Kids)
ISBN:  9781683307570


Are your kids bored and looking for cool, fun and engaging activities to occupy their minds? This great activity guide will have kids learning about animals, earth, space, history, science and more. Kids will be able to draw, complete crossword puzzles, write poems, word scramble, word searches, connect the dots and even learn why fireworks are so colorful. If kids wonder why the pilgrims came to America or why Russian church domes are shaped like onions the answers are right here.

Fun facts and pictograms are on these pages along with photos and colorful illustration. Kids will have fun learning, creating and build brain power without realizing it. This activity book is great for travel, home and even in a classroom. Parents and teachers will appreciate this educational tool that can keep busy minds engaged for hours.

Book courtesy of Blue Slip Media