Grandpa's Hal-La-Loo-Ya Hambone

Who knew a story about a hambone could make you laugh out loud in disbelief.

Grandpa’s Hal-La-Loo-Ya Hambone
Joe Hayes

When Joe Hayes was a kid he was pretty poor. His family repurposed everything including the dirt he tracked in on his shoes. His family grew beans on their farm and it’s also what they ate day in and day out. One day his dad took a big bag of beans to a nearby town that didn’t get beans very often. He sold the bag and with the money he purchased a hambone to add flavor to the flat beans they ate at every meal. Grandpa took one bite of those flavorful beans and hollered Hal-La-Loo-Ya! Word soon spread about the hambone and people asked to borrow it so they could flavor their beans for Sunday dinner. Unfortunately, there was a mishap with Grandpa’s teeth and that old hambone. While trying to retrieve Grandpa’s teeth that fell into the well, the bright idea to use the hambone to retrieve the teeth didn’t work out. What do use suppose happened next?

Author Joe Hayes has created a hilarious story kids will love. The insight to family hardships and community are engaging and occasionally seemingly impossible. Colorful illustrations with plenty of detail add to the humor. Parents and teachers could use this tool to open dialogue regarding food, family life, friendship and more.

BIBLIO: 2016, Cinco Punto Press, Ages 7 to 12, $7.95.
FORMAT: Children’s Picture Book
ISBN: 9781941026557

Courtesy of the CLCD