How I Did It!

The letter I is pretty independent, no pun intended, even though this story is full of puns.

Title:  How I Did It!
Author: Linda Ragsdale
Publisher: Anoosha Syed
ISBN: 9781486712113


What do you suppose the letters of the alphabet do when they don’t want to serve their general purpose? One particular letter, I, was determined to be and do something other than be a letter on a page. First, I thought he could be H and then J. It didn’t pan out. He broke free from the line and wriggled around the page. I stood up and skipped and danced. But soon he came to the edge of the page and fell. I was crumpled and twisted. The other letters made fun of him. Would I be able to get back to his spot on the page? Perhaps with the help of U.

This delightful tale of independence is hilarious. The pun on words with the appropriate letters are fun and engaging. Readers will root for the letter I in what he is trying to accomplish. Colorful illustrations sum up the story and its characters. Simple sentence structures are easy to follow for beginner readers. This is a great tool for teaching the alphabet and teaching children about being independent. Parents and caregivers can discuss with the children some of the things they can do all by themselves.

Courtesy of Media Masters Publicity