National Geographic: Motor Girls

Motor Girls shares the history of How Women took the Weheel and Drove Boldly Into the Twentieth Century. 

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Title:  Motor Girls
Author: Sue Macy
Publisher: National Geographic
ISBN:  9781426326974


Ford rolled the last Model T off the assembly line in 1927 after having sold over 15 million of them. Part of his success was that he marketed cars to women as well as men. Although articles had been written that women weren’t fit to drive, and women themselves stated driving made them nervous while others feared it would take away their femininity, that didn’t stop the social set of Washington including Miss Alice Roosevelt from driving. Mary Anderson patented a window cleaning device, an early windshield wiper, that never went into production. Mrs. Olive Schultz was a licensed chauffeuse and rented her car out as a public taxicab. Women were dressing appropriately to drive motor cars. Women were writing books for women teaching them all about motor cars. Women were racing, driving during the war and so much more in the early 1900s.

Author Sue Macy has put together an amazing fact filled adventure featuring women and the motor car. Stunning photos show off women and their cars, uniforms, goggles and transatlantic adventures and more. This guide to a history of women drivers is for anyone and everyone to enjoy and learn about the motor car and the women who sat behind the wheel. This guide comes full circle representing women race car drivers of the 21st century. The Appendix in the back offers more dates and figures for cars sold and the companies that produced them. There are also books and website resources for readers to learn even more.

Courtesy of Media Masters Publicity