Scanorama - Deadly Predators

Everything you ever wanted to know about deadly predators is here.

Title: Scanorama – Deadly Predators
Author: Anna Claybourne
Publisher: Silver Dolphin Books
ISBN:  9781626866324


Deadly Predators shares a literal inside view of some of the most dangerous animals on the planet. Kids who want to learn more will find tigers, wolves, snakes, crocodiles and all sorts of lethal lizards, scorpions and spiders. With the Scanorama, readers will see inside the animals to view their skeletal system while they are in action. Underneath each picture readers will see fun facts on how these animals use their bodies to catch their prey. Each page shares facts regarding the preferred prey, the level of endangered species and where these species can be found across the globe.

This guide has sturdy pages perfect for kids. Large real-life photos are engaging and share with young readers a realistic view of these animals in action. Parents and teachers will appreciate the science and educational value to this guide.

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