The Wright Brothers' First Flight

Thanks to the Wright Brother's the world learned to fly.

The Wright Brothers’ First Flight
Thomas Kingsley Troupe

Horace and Maggie are two flies who tell their version of Orville and Wilbur Wright. These two brothers wanted a way for people to travel through the air. In 1902, they invented the glider. Later, they invented the wind tunnel. In December of 1903 they tried out their new wings and light weight engine. It flew for 3.5 seconds. After a few repairs and adjustments, the Wright brothers Flyer flew.

Young readers will enjoy learning about the Wright brothers and their determination to fly.  The little tidbits found throughout the pages from the two fly tour guides are fun. The illustrations demonstrate the processes on how the Wright brothers worked to design their Flyer. A detailed timeline of the brother’s history, a glossary and additional resources for teachers, parents and students.
BIBLIO: 2017, Picture Book Windows, Ages 7 to 12, $27.32
FORMAT: Children’s Picture Book
ISBN: 9781479597871

Book courtesy of the CLCD