This Book Stinks

Whether you like it or not this book holds the key to all things trash!

Title: This Book Stinks
Author: Sarah Wassner Flynn
Publisher: National Geographic Kids
ISBN:  9781426327308


We know that the trash we produce stinks. But what happens to it after we put it in the dumpster and the truck picks it up and takes it away? In the U.S. we generate about 254 million tons of garbage. Trash goes to a landfill and there, high tech water systems, and methane collection in an isolated area is where the trash is crushed and compacted. Overtime, these landfills literally fill up and are converted into parks, wildlife reserves or something else that can be useful to the public.

If you are curious about how long it takes trash to break down, it can be found within these pages. Readers will also learn what country in the world is the most wasteful, what facilities are powered by trash, how climate change is effected by trash, what we can do to recycle, composting and the future of garbage. Colorful photos, illustrations and educational fact boxes will enlighten readers about the trash we throw away. Parents and teachers can use this tool for discussion and even create projects that will teach kids what they can do to limit the amount of trash in their homes.

Courtesy of Media Masters Publicity