Minerva Mint: The City of Lizards

If you have a reader who loves adventure then this is the series they'll want to read.

Minerva Mint: The City of Lizards
Elisa Puricelli Guerra

Minerva Mint is a nine-year-old living at Lizard Manor. She has lost her parents and stays with a woman who found her in a sack. Minerva is determined to find her parents. A few clues were left behind and with the help of her friends, The Order of the Owls, she hopes to get closer to the truth. In this story, The City of Lizards, the Order of the Owls discover a key that links Minerva to a group of pirates. The trio now must set out to find and solve the mystery of the Terror of the Seas.

Author Elisa Puricelli Guerra has created an exciting series with lovable fearless characters and clues to mysteries readers can help solve as they read through the pages. Black and white illustrations are found throughout to help readers stay engaged and enticed. This series would be a great read-a-loud for any home or classroom. Readers who have some trouble with words will find this series easy to navigate. Parents and teachers will approve and can encourage even the most challenged readers.

BIBLIO: 2016, Stone Arch Books, Ages 9 to 12, $.
FORMAT: Middle Grade

ISBN: 9781434296719

Book courtesy of the CLCD