Simon Thorn And the Viper's Pit

The Simon Thorn series is one of the best I've read!

Simon Thorn And The Viper’s Pit
Aimee Carter

Simon Thorn thought he was just an average kid growing up in New York City. But he soon learned he was not normal and could talk to animals. Simon discovered that he was an Animalgam, a human that could turn into an animal, and he soon learned to turn himself into one. Now, he is part of a special group and he lives at L.A.I.R., or the Leading Animalgam Institute for the Remarkable, located way below Central Park zoo. His uncle Darryl, who helped raised him, shared his secret. Simon and a few friends are on a mission to rescue his kidnapped mother from Orion, his grandfather and Beast King, who is using her to find pieces of a relic that will allow him to take Animalgam abilities. As Simon navigates his way through his new identity he keeps his ability to turn into any animal he chooses a secret. His ability is rare but his twin brother Nolan has no problem showing off what he can do. Simon and his friends flee from L.A.I.R. but soon discover they have enemies who want to harm him, and Malcolm, his new guardian, has watchful eyes keeping him from reaching his destiny and his mother. Simon will have to make tough decisions, but will risk everything to find her.

Author Aimee Carter has created an action packed series that will keep readers turning the page. The characters in this series are relatable and are the under dogs which will have everyone rooting for them. Parents and teachers will approve of this fast paced read.

BIBLIO: 2017, Bloomsburg Publishing, Ages 8 to 12, $22.99.
FORMAT: Middle Grade
ISBN: 9781619637153

Book courtesy of the CLCD