The Crowns of Croswald

Magic is in the air and Ivy Lovely will be embracing it every step of the way.

Title: The Crowns of Croswald
Author:  D.E. Night
Publisher:  Stories Untold
ISBN:  9780996948647


Ivy Lovely has only known one friend and the person who had found her abandoned as a child, his name was Rimbrick. On the other hand, the only foe she’d ever really known for the past 15 going on 16 years was Helga. She managed the kitchen at House of Plum but Ivy seemed to do most of the work as the chambermaid. In her spare time Ivy loved to sketch, and read tales of magic. Her life changed drastically when she was kicked out of the house by Helga and Rimbrick left her a good bye note and a satchel of coins. Ivy wouldn’t be alone for long though, she was rescued and whisked away by a man who had been looking for her by the name of Woolem. His task was to get her to Ravenshollow to learn to become a scrivenist at the Halls of Ivy.

As Ivy fumbled around the school, its rules and her own sense of familiarity of the halls she realized that she had somewhat of a gift for the magic and strange things are beginning to happen. Ivy is also making a few friends along the way and a few enemies who will make every effort to attempt to manipulate her. While the Dark Queen keeps herself close to the school, she has everyone in the town wondering what she is up to and why she is not hidden away in her own castle. It doesn’t take long for Ivy to realize the Dark Queen is looking at her. Many secrets had been tucked away for so long it will be up to Ivy to unravel the mystery as to who she really is and protect The Town.

Author D.E. Night has created a lively tale of magic and coming of age. The world here is very inviting and unique. This fast paced and engaging storyline will have readers falling in love with the characters and learning about the enchantments along the way. Parents and teachers will approve.