Ultimate Space Atlas

National Geographic Kids is sharing everything you ever wanted to know about space and beyond.

Title: Ultimate Space Atlas
Author: Carolyn DeCristofano
Publisher: National Geographic Kids
ISBN:  9781426328022


A space atlas is perfect for any person who has questions about the universe. Readers will find information about space observation, the inner solar system, the outer solar system, the galaxy and even mapping space. Space enthusiasts will find maps, star charts, diagrams that explain principles, ideas and processes. Each chapter has a tab featuring a specific topic and images represented here include photos, telescope images and a few artist expressions of space scenes. There are also fun facts, games and quizzes.

Readers can learn about Saturn’s rings which are named after the letters of the alphabet. If you’re curious about that stars you can learn about their births, life and death. The radio telescope in Guizhou Province, China has a bowl-shaped radio wave antenna that stretches 1642 feet. Parents, teachers and kids of all ages can learn about the galaxy that surrounds us and have fun while doing it.

Courtesy of Media Masters Publicity