What Would Happen?

We all have plenty of questions about the "what-ifs" but this guide actually provide serious answers for questions and scenerios that are absurd and very realistic.

Title: What Would Happen?
Author: Crispin Boyer
Publisher: National Geographic Kids  
ISBN:  9781426327704


What would happen if dinosaurs were still around? How would we be if zombies walked the earth? There are a ton of scenarios and questions you or your children might wonder about. Inside this guide, readers of all ages will be captivated and enthused for hours.

What would happen if you only ate ice cream? You would become constipated. What if you grew up in outer space? You wouldn’t be able to digest food properly without gravity. What if cars drove themselves? Self-driving cars are on the road today and this development has been ongoing for decades.

Parents, teachers and kids of all ages will see questions with extensive answers on topics covering the silly, space, technology, natural wonders, nature and more. This guide has photos that are vivid and expressive and can be found on every page. This fantastic and educational guide tells readers everything they wanted to know and a few things they didn’t know they wanted to know.

Courtesy of Media Masters Publicity