Make A Wish, Albert

Kids will have fun learning math without even realizing it.

Make A Wish, Albert
Lori Haskins Houran

It’s Albert’s birthday and he is very excited. He bounced off his bed, and in the kitchen, he bumped into his mom, and in the living room he popped some balloons. Albert decided to go outside and hang out with his friend Leo and his new Maze Blazer scooter. Albert was able to ride Leo’s scooter and he really liked it. So much so, that he hoped he would get one for his birthday. Do you think Albert will get a Maze Blazer?

The Mouse Math series helps readers focus on basic math concepts, reading skills, independent reading or can be used as a read-a-long. Kids will also find activities that encourages thoughts and conversations about math. Parents, caregivers and teachers can use this tool as a positive way to teach math basics.

BIBLIO: 2015, Kane Press, Ages 4 to 7, $.
FORMAT: Children’s Picture Book

ISBN: 9781575657981

Book courtesy of the CLCD