1000 Facts About The White House

The White House is a place where big things happen and kids can learn about all of its history.

Title: 1,000 Facts About The White House
Author: Sarah Wassnerflynn
Publisher: National Geographic Kids
ISBN:  9781426328732


There are a lot of things about the White House that you may not be aware of. This fun fact filled treasure has over 1,000 fun facts for readers. The first pages share a map of the White House buildings and gardens. There are a host of interesting facts about the rooms, the West Wing where all official business takes place and more. Readers can also learn about the art in the White House and what presidential families did during the holidays. There are some White House rituals, like turkey pardons, super bowl events, and placing a wreath on the tombstone of the Unknown Soldier. The helicopter the president flies in is built for travel and rescue events in case of an emergency.

This amazing guide has colorful photos and illustrations that share the history and traditions of the White House and all the people who give it so much personality and character. Parents and teachers will enjoy this guide too. The back pages have a keywords glossary and important dates in a timeline style presenting the White House’s history.

Courtesy of Media Masters Publicity