A Queen In Jerusalem

How can art help a young girl become Queen Esther?

Title:  A Queen In Jerusalem
Author:  Tami Shem-Tov & Rachella Sandbank
Illustrations:  Avi Ofer
Publisher:  Kar-Ben Publishing
ISBN:  9781512444429

For Purim Malka wants a marvelous costume. She dreams of being Queen Esther. Unfortunately, her mother was too busy doing laundry and taking care of the baby. Malka walked through the streets of her little village thinking about a costume. She met a man hammering a stone. She told him of her dilemma and he offered to help. He ran a school for artists and informed his students that she was in need of a costume fit for a Queen. Weavers created a robe, goldsmiths made a crown, and painters painted a picture of her. Do you think Malka became the Queen Esther, just like she dreamed?

This isn’t just a Purim story or a little girl’s dreams. This story shares community and art. Boris Schatz was a Russian sculptor and painter in 1867. He opened an art school in Jerusalem called the Bezalel Academy of Arts. He was known for a sculpture of Judah Maccabee which was exhibited in Paris. Parents and teachers can use this tool to teach Jewish art, culture and history as well as, faith.

Courtesy of Kar-Ben Publishing