Sadie's Snowy Tu B'Shevat

Kar-Ben publishing is celebrating a very special tree planting holiday.

Title:  Sadie’s Snowy Tu B’Shevat
Author:   Jamie Korngold
Illustrations:  Julie Forenberry
Publisher:  Kar-Ben Publishing
ISBN:  9781512426793

Sadie is ready to celebrate Tu B’Shevat and plant a tree. She reads her favorite book that tells her just what she needs to do to plant the tree so it will grow. She thinks about how big it will get and how she can swing on a tire from its branches. She also thinks about how she will be able to climb its large limbs. But there is one little problem, its cold and the ground is hard which is making it difficult to dig a deep whole to plant her tree. She asks for help from her family, but they don’t think it will work. Sadie’s brother Ori offers to help, and they get started. Do you think they will be able to plant a tree for Tu B’Shevat?

This delightful tale that shares Jewish culture and holiday is perfect for a beginner reader. Colorful illustrations depict happy children celebrating winter. Simple sentence structure with recognizable objects enhance learning to read and comprehend the storyline a breeze. Parents and teachers can use this tool to teach children about Jewish cultures and celebrations.

Courtesy of Kar-Ben Publishing