Sofia Martinez - My Fantastica Family

Everyone has a family they love and cherish. What are your families cultures and traditions?

Title: Sofia Martinez – My Fantastica Family
Author:  Jacqueline Jules
Illustrations:  Kim Smith
Publisher: Picture Window Books
ISBN:  9781515807469


Sofia Martinez loves her family. They get together and go to the beach, play fun games, go shopping for school supplies and even contribute items for a time capsule that will be opened in 10 years. It’s fun to have so many brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles and a grandma too. But, once in a while Sofia wants some quiet time, but there is always some fussing, fighting and even babies crying. Sofia learns patience and how to make the best of her time spent with family.

Award winning author Jacqueline Jules has created a great story about family. Colorful illustrations are fun and engaging. Readers can make comparisons to their family and Sofia’s. Basic sentence structure with a few Spanish words strategically placed make for a fast-easy read, and readers can even identify the meaning of the Spanish words. Parents and teachers will approve as their young readers learn about families and their culture.