My Frist Toddler Coloring Book

Teach your little one motor skills, letters, numbers and so much more.

Title: My First Toddler Coloring Book
Author: Linda J. Carstens, Ph.d.
Illustrations:  Tanya Emelyanova
Publisher:  Rockridge Press
ISBN:  9781939754981


This book is perfect for introducing your toddler to colors, shapes, numbers, letters and animals. When they begin to color this is an opportunity for them to learn motor skills and eye-hand coordination. Large pictures help little ones learn and with enough practice they will have pictures that seemed scribbly at first graduating to pictures that are colored within the lines. After all, practice makes perfect.

Parents and teachers will find simple pictures like basic numbers and letters and pictures that may seem a little more complex like drums, zippers and snakes. There are even pages that show toddlers what color something should be. Toddlers can and will have fun for hours with this handy guide.