Some Bunny Loves Me

Kids love their pets and have so much fun with them everyday. Join the fun with the sing-song rhyming read.

Title: Some Bunny Loves Me
Author: Parry Gripp
Publisher: National Geographic Kids
ISBN:  9781426329753


Kids love little baby animals that can jump, crawl, swim, hop and fly. When you put kids together with their favorite pets and words that rhyme your bound to have some fun. Inside these pages readers will find real photos of real kids and their pets. Readers will see a girl with her happy pup, another girl with her floating fish, and even a kid with his soft fluffy chick. Any page you turn you will find kids laughing and playing with their pets.

Parents and teachers will love this guide to share best pets, how to handle and care for pets and even open up discussion for pet adoption. Talking with kids about the responsibility of a pet is a great way to educate children about an animals needs and how to keep them clean, fed and safe.

Courtesy of Media Masters Publicity

Parry and Nat Geo also teamed up to create a Somebunny Loves Me song and music video — so kids can read and sing along as they turn the pages (hopefully with their favorite pet by their side!).  The song, video and several spreads from the book can be viewed at Nat Geo’s Somebunny Loves Me dedicated page: