Mama's Belly

Kristi's Book Nook is proud to share this loving story of siblings.

Title: Mama’s Belly
Author:  Kate Hosford
Illustrations: Abigail Halpin
Publisher:  Abrams Books for Young Readers
ISBN: 9781419728419


A young girl is with her family and soon she will have a sister. She has a growing love for the baby to come but wonders what she will be like. She hugs her moms belly and asks her sister when she is coming out. She listens to the belly and only hears the heartbeat of her mom. The young girl also notices how her sister is making her mom feel tired and sometimes grumpy. The young girl wonders how her families’ lives will be different once the baby sister arrives. Will her mom and dad have enough love to go around?

Author Kate Hosford along with illustrator Abigail Halpin have created a story that expresses curiosity, family unity and sibling love. Young readers will be enlightened and relate to the character especially if they are getting ready to welcome a new addition to the family. Vibrant illustrations and easy to read sentences make this a great first read for any beginner. Parents will love this guide to help introduce siblings and help encourage a warm and loving environment for all. Teachers can use this as a tool to open up discussions regarding family.