My Tail's Not Tired

Title: My Tail’s Not Tired
Author:  Jana Novotny Hunter
Illustrations:  Paula Bowles
Publisher:  Child’s Play Inc.
ISBN:  9781846439858


What tricks, as a parent, have you learned to get your little ones to bed? One big monster makes every attempt to get his little monster to bed without success. This little monster makes every excuse as to why he isn’t tired. When he says his bottom isn’t tired he shakes it around. When his arms aren’t tired he flaps them around. When his tail isn’t tired he wiggles and jiggles. But after a warm bath what do you think this little monster was ready to do?

Author Jana Novotny Hunter knows how difficult it is to get little ones to sleep. This story is perfect for beginner readers who love words that will make them giggle. Bright and cheery illustrations make for a fun bedtime or naptime story. Parents and teachers will get a chuckle too.