The Ultimate Book of Sharks

Title: The Ultimate Book of Sharks
Author: Brian Skerry
Publisher: National Geographic Kids
ISBN:  9781426330711


If you don’t know what a shark is, you will know plenty when you’re done reading this guide. There are sharks with horns, sharks that hang around the bottom, sharks with fuzzy teeth, and even sharks that are picky eaters. Readers can even learn how the cookiecutter shark got its name.

Did you know that a shark can detect a heartbeat from miles away? Most sharks don’t like humans, but when an attack happens it’s usually due to a mistaken identity. With all the water around sharks they can’t drink it. Salt water is toxic to them just like us. A special gland helps them filter out the salt so they can have a drink. Did you know that female sharks are larger than males? The Basking shark is very large and pretty scary looking, but have no fear, they are harmless to humans.

This National Geographic Kids guide to sharks is shared through the eyes of photojournalist Brian Skerry who specializes in marine life. The photos of these amazing creatures are vividly spectacular. Shark enthusiasts can learn about shark myths, anatomy, the various types, fossils and even how to keep them safe. Each page is filled with fun facts, as well as, Skerry up close and personal encounters.

Courtesy of Media Masters Publicity

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