Absolutely Everything! by Christopher Lloyd

Title: Absolutely Everything
Author: Christopher Lloyd
Publisher: What On Earth Books
ISBN:  9781999802837


We all have questions about the world we live in and how the universe works. In most cases you can get answers to your questions from a specific book like a reference manual or encyclopedia. But why go to several different books when you can get a lot of answers and information from just one?

This guide will take readers on a life long journey through time from 13.8 billion years ago to the present day. Eager readers who want to inquire and have their questions answered will learn about humans, animals, space, civilizations, empires, science and so much more. Each chapter begins with a timeline and an introduction. Included are colorful illustrations and photos that depict the period being introduced.

Do you want to know how a single species of humans, homo sapiens, became the last on earth? Would you believe that over 5,000 years ago a technology existed that was used to read minds? If you are a fan of robots you will learn all about how they were created as early as 1088. Although this guide teaches the past it provides insights on how and why we do things in the here and now. It explains how we think, share, and how we’ve grown as a civilization. Parents and teachers will appreciate the history shared and can open up dialogue to get and keep children engaged and even find they may become intrigued as well. The back pages offers other resources, a glossary and references.

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