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If you love a good vampire story, you will love Wolfgang.

Title: Wolfgang
Author: F.D. Gross
ISBN: 9781622179954


Lord Egleaseon, a vampire, has tormented, tortured and killed for more than a thousand years. There was only one man, Tenor Alvadine Wolfgang, who had the strength and stamina to hunt and kill him. With the Hand of God, a supernatural piece of glass that can turn a vampire mortal, Wolfgang watched Lord Egleaseon fade to dust.

Sixteen years passed and the town of Roland was freed from the terror of Lord Egleaseon. The weapon of the Wolfgang house has been handed down to Dorian, the son who has just turned sixteen. Tenor is leaving on an investigation to find the undead and destroy them. When he returns home, he discovers his town in ruins, his wife murdered along with other towns people and his son has been taken by Joachim, a young boy he took in and the same age as Dorian. His next steps are to return to the ruins of castle Egleaseon. On his way to the ruins Tenor is met with more undead trying to stop him. Will Tenor find his son or be killed trying?

If you are a fan of vampire slayer stories, then this fast-paced read will be perfect for you. Written with vivid imagery and fight scenes that will make your hair stand on end. This read has scary creatures and spine-tingling events throughout.


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