A Seder For Grover

Title:  A Seder for Grover
Author: Joni Kibort Sussman  
Illustrations:  Tom Leigh
Publisher:  Kar-Ben Publishing
ISBN:  9781541529212

About Passover (Fri, Apr 19, 2019 – Sat, Apr 27, 2019)
“Passover is a week-long holiday, celebrated in the spring, when the Jewish people remember the biblical exodus from Egyptian slavery. It is ushered in with a Seder, a festive meal of prayers, readings, songs, and the tasting of symbolic foods.”

In this sturdy board book for toddlers, young learners will see Grover and some of his other friends from Sesame Street visit Avigail for Passover. They will eat matzah, read from the Haggadah and find the afikomen. Parents and caregivers will love this handy and colorfully illustrated tool to teach Jewish culture.

Courtesy of Kar-Ben Publishing


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