20 Recipes Kids Should Know

Title:  20 Recipes Kids Should Know
Author:  Esme Washburn
Photography: Calista Washburn  
Publisher:  Prestel
ISBN:  9783791385075


If kids want to get involved by helping out in the kitchen cooking, this guide is a great way to get them started. The introduction at the beginning teaches kids safety tips, measurements and a glossary of cooking techniques. Kids can read proper procedures for boiling, chopping, whisking, kneading and more.

The recipes here are designed to make preparations and ingredients manageable so that kids can learn, be confident and prepare great tasting food. Some of the delicious recipes are mac and cheese, pancakes, soup, hummus, salad dressing, desserts, and even marinated steak. If your mouth isn’t watering it would be by looking at all of the wonderful photos included with each recipe. This is a great idea and kids can look at their dish to see how much it looks like the photo.

This fantastic guide to cooking for kids was created and designed by Esme Washburn, who is twelve and Calista Washburn, who is seventeen. The impressive setup makes navigating through the recipes instructions easy to understand and follow. Parents can feel comfortable allowing their kids to prepare a meal that is bound to be delicious.

Courtesy of Media Masters Publicity


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