National Geographic Kids Almanac 2020

It's here and ready for you to take action! The 10th anniversary edition of the National Geographic Kids 2020 Almanac has even more new and exciting information, puzzles and photos sharing animals, science and technology, culture, space, games and so much more. 

Keep reading because there is information about the NG Kids Grand Prize Raffle!

Title:  National Geographic Kids Almanac 2020
Author:  Various Contributors
Illustrator: Various Contributors
Publisher:  National Geographic Kids
ISBN: 9781426332814  
Have you considered becoming and explorer so that you can learn about the amazing world we live in? Would you be interested in sharing new species, science and technology with readers who love to learn? You can learn from the best as they share their explorer adventures in celebration of the National Geographic Kids Almanac 2020 Tenth Anniversary Edition.

This newest almanac has over 500 photos featuring animals, kids, crafts, cultural events and items, history and so much more for a better understanding of the topic with visual tools. If you are wondering how much the world has changed in the last ten years, this guide shares the panda boom, space flight, electric cars and even fun facts about Harry Potter. Parents and teachers will find this amazing guide to be extremely interactive. Readers can create a motion ocean, sand paintings, master optical illusions, create an experiment involving decomposition, answer quizzes and so much more.

National Geographic explorer-in-residence Enric Sala wants kids to enjoy the natural world by exploring a forest, marsh or prairie. He wants kids to spend time in and around nature and guarantees they will fall in love with it. Earth explorer Barrington Irving is a pilot who has navigated through storms that included monsoons, snowstorms and even sandstorms. He is the youngest person and first African American to fly solo around the world. Science and math enthusiast Kakani Katija has a passions for engineering and biology. She develops instruments to enable exploration of hard to reach areas deep in the ocean.

If you are a visionary National Geographic Kids has a challenge that invites readers to think about how the world could change in the next ten years. The sky is the limit and readers can share anything that interests them and a winner will be featured in next years alamanc. Parents and teachers can get kids involved in exploring their own communities and encourage research, photography, and experiments so they can participate in the challenge and share what they’ve learned.

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The Nat Geo Kids Almanac 2020 website is now live!:* As a special way to celebrate the 10th anniversary edition of the Almanac,  Nat Geo is hosting a Summer on the Go Almanac 2020 Grand Prize Giveaway — a GO-PRO!
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  1. I love books like these and this one will be so much fun to read and learn from myself. I've always enjoyed National Geographic books and magazines.

  2. My niece & nephew love the almanacs. turtle6422 at gmail dot com


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