Show Me History! Amelia Earhart

Title:  Show Me History – Amelia Earhart
Author:  James Buckley Jr.
Illustrator:  Kelly Tindall
Publisher:  Portable Press
ISBN:  9781684125456


Readers can follow along with Lady Liberty and Uncle Sam as they walk readers through history sharing the story of Amelia Earhart.

Readers who are fans of comics will love going back in time to review the story of Ameilia Earhart and her love for flying. From her early childhood until the last moments of her life readers will learn about how she thought about becoming a doctor, driving across country and her being the first woman to fly across the Atlantic. Illustrated boxes with speech and thought balloons keep the storyline short and sweet but still provide plenty of information to get the reader engaged in the history of events. Side-bar commentary is shared with images of Lady Liberty along with Uncle Sam, presented in a modern perspective, sharing little known facts for readers to absorb.

Readers will love the illustrations that perfectly capture the emotion of the time. Vividly colorful and extremely detailed this graphic novel is a plus for students who aren’t fans of non-fiction. Readers will be able to spend time on each page to take in all of the details and hints for a better understanding of the story. Parents and teachers can use this tool to engage students, teach history, capture the eye of the non-reader and discuss this amazing woman and what she did to help inspire women. The back pages contain a glossary, resources, a timeline and more information about other women pilots.

Courtesy of Media Masters Publicity


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