Shaking Things Up by Susan Hood

Title: Shaking Things Up
Author: Susan Hood
Illustrations: Various
Publisher: Harper
ISBN: 9780062699459

Shaking Things Up shares a timeline from 1780 to 2014, of women who have met obstacles only to overcome them and inspire others. Colorfully illustrated by 13 artists, readers will learn about Molly Williams, May Lin, Annette Kellerman and more.

In New York a slave woman named Mary Durham Williams, was the noted first woman firefighter. She learned the routine from her owner and volunteer firefighter James Aymar. No other woman held this position until 1982. Pura Belpre, a librarian, revolutionized a New York library creating stories for the Spanish-Speaking communities. Ruby Bridges broke color barriers in the public-school system and she was only six years old. Mae Jemison was the first black woman astronaut.

Author Susan Hood introduces just a few of the extraordinary women that have paved the way for others. The women found among these pages have changed the way the world thinks about and views women in general and especially women of color. The illustrations are by various women artists who show the likeness of these women in action in their own creative way. Parents and teachers can use this tool to inspire young readers to want to learn more. Easy to read sentences tell the story with poetic bounce, which makes this a fun read for beginners.


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