Tar Beach by Faith Ringgold

Cover of "Tar Beach (Caldecott Honor Book...
Cover of Tar Beach (Caldecott Honor Book)

This is a story of family. Cassie Louise Lightfoot is only eight years old. She can fly. And if she can fly she can do anything. Flying means freedom and with that she can save her father from the tall skyscrapers he helps build and the union that keeps him excluded. What is "Tar Beach" you might ask. It isn't a sandy beach with tar all around. You will have to read it to find out.

The illustrations mimick quilts. You might think it is odd, but it's wonderful. Faith Ringgold created this story originally on quilts. She is an artist. Her paintings, sculptures and quilting reflect the African experience. Her focus is on woman.

I think this is a great read for young girls. It has the potential to open lots of dialogue between a parent and a child. Please click on the reference link to learn more about Faith Ringgold and her quilts.



  1. One of my favorite books - especially since I'm a quilter. I kick myself that I didn't buy the Cassie cloth doll when it was available for sale. Now its a collector's item.

    Best, Kyra

  2. Thanks for stopping by Kyra. I love quilts and wish I had the skill set to make a work of art.


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