What I Like About Me

The ebook of What I Like About Me by Jenna Guillaume is available now on Amazon, B&N, Google, Kobo, and Scribd, and is on sale for only $2.99 for the rest of April.

Title: What I Like About Me
Author: Jeanna Guillaume
Publisher: Peachtree
ISBN:  9781682631607


School is out and the family summer vacation is about to begin. But for Maisie Martin school is still hanging on like a fungus. One of her teachers thought it would be a good idea to have students write down what they do daily in a journal. This is a pain for Maisie but over time she learns to like it and discovers it provides some clarity in her day-to-day.

While on vacation Maisie’s crush on Sebastian Lee flourishes, her friend Beamer is more annoying than ever and her best friend Anna needs her after a break up with a boyfriend. Not only that, her parents have been fighting and she is worried about them divorcing. As the summer progresses, Maisie realizes what’s really important.

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