Beneath the Waves by Stephanie Warren Drimmer


Title:  Beneath The Waves – Celebrating the Ocean Through Pictures, Poems, and Stories

Author:  Stephanie Warren Drimmer

Illustrator:  Various

Publisher:  National Geographic Kids

ISBN: 9781426339165



If you are in the ocean zone you could be a part of three different layers and each layer represents a different kind of life for its inhabitants. Each of these zones holds secrets, treasures, various sea creatures and so much more. 

Kids can look at reading this lovely book as an adventure and a private window into the world of the oceans. The amazing photography paired with poems, insights into the sea creatures that exist above and below the ocean provides a glimpse into its wonder. Did you know that the oceans have forests? Jellyfish have no brains, blood or bones, yet they’ve been drifting for hundreds of millions of years. The oceans are host to creatures that glow and live in the artic. There are people who map the ocean floors and those that will try to keep its marine life safe. 

Readers of all ages will enjoy this guide to all of the amazing oceans on our planet and their role. Delightful poems and folktales engage readers and invite them to turn the pages. Parents and teachers can use this tool to teach and share the mysteries of the oceans and their habitats and inhabitants. 

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