Bronson Beaver Builds A Robot by Teko Bernard

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Title: Bronson Beaver Builds a Robot

Author: Teko Bernard

Illustrations: Howard Russell

Publisher: Tabron Publishing

ISBN: 9780986059360



Bronson Beaver is a genius inventor. He and his friends Myron and Fanny have big dreams of building a workshop. The only way they can get the money is to play in a video game tournament. If they win the cash prize would be enough to make their dreams come true. Unfortunately, Bronson’s family lodge is host to the annual Pancake Festival, a long-time tradition, and this year a very important food critic, Bardo J. Bear of the Good Grub Gazette, will be attending. Because of this, Bronson’s list of chores will take him away from the video tournament with his friends. 

Bronson has a big idea to build a robot to help with his chores. So far, his plan was working, and he could play in the tournament. When it came time to go the Town Market to pick up bags of flour, Bronson programmed robot for the task. Instead of picking up flour the robot does something completely different. As you can imagine, once discovered, panic spread throughout the lodge and Bronson was the target. With only 30 minutes left for the critic and public to appear, how will Bronson get his mess cleaned up and pancakes done in time for the big day? Perhaps with a little genius and some best friends it could be done.

Author Teko Bernard has created another fun and fast read full of excitement. A perfect read for boys and girls which offers easy to navigate sentence structure and cool black and white illustrations sprinkled throughout making the story more engaging and highlighting the humor of the story. Parents and teachers can use this guide to encourage reading and share as a read-a-loud in a home or classroom setting. This is also a great story for young kids who are ready to read up! 

Companion Booklet

Bronson’s Beaver Facts

In this handy guide to all things beaver kids can learn cool fun facts and see pictures of beavers living in their natural habitats. Did you know that beavers are vegetarians? A beaver’s fur has a short layer for warmth and a long layer that keeps them dry. 

Courtesy of Tabron Publishing

About the Author

Teko Bernard writes middle-grade chapter books for boys and girls ages 7-12. He is the author of Bronson Beaver Builds a Robot, Bernard Jones Is Going Places, and creator of Elite Squad, and The Hoop Kid From Elmdale Park. Before pursuing his dream to write for young readers, Teko started his professional life as a graphic designer. During his 20+ year career, he had the opportunity to design graphics for well-known brands like ESPN, Summer X Games, Winter X Games, NCAA, BASSMASTER, and U.S. National Parks to name a few.


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